East Blithedale Roadside Barrier Upgrade Project

The City of Mill Valley has secured funding to replace and upgrade approximately 1,300 linear feet of existing guardrail on East Blithedale Avenue to current Federal and State standards for roadside barriers.

Four existing guardrail locations, between 700 East Blithedale Avenue (at Lomita Rd.) and Meadow Road (at Ashford Ave), were assessed and identified to be replaced with Caltrans Standard – “Midwest Guardrail System”.

Approximately 37,000 vehicles travel on this portion of East Blithedale Avenue, which serves a major corridor in and out of Mill Valley.

Construction of the East Blithedale Roadside Barrier Upgrade Project is anticipated to begin in Fall 2024.

Paved road with cars traveling into Mill Valley

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Calvin Gee, Senior Project Manager