The Mill Valley Police Department's mission is to provide a safe and secure community for our residents and visitors; protect life and property; enforce the law in a transparent and equitable manner; and develop strong partnerships through community outreach, education, and collaboration.

Mill Valley Police Star
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    California Laws Pertaining to E-Bikes

    Electric bicycles, otherwise known as E-Bikes, have become increasingly popular in recent years and the City of Mill Valley has seen an influx in ridership. Read on...
  1. MCDA Logo

    2022 Gun Buyback Program

    The 2022 Gun Buyback Program is being coordinated through the Marin County District Attorney's Office in partnership with local law enforcement agencies, the Marin County Board of Supervisors, and local City Councils. Read on...
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    Drone Safety Tips

    The Mill Valley Police Department has recently received questions regarding the operation of drones. The below list is meant to address concerns surrounding the rules and regulations for operating drones within the City of Mill Valley. Read on...