The City of Mill Valley is committed to protecting the City’s unique small-town character (General Plan Goal #1) while encouraging continued diversity of housing, income levels and lifestyles within its community (General Plan Goal #2). Housing, particularly providing a range of housing options in terms of affordability levels, is of particular interest and of concern to the City Council and many community members. Listed below are ways in which the City is working to implement local actions, as well as those regulations established by the State and/or Federal government. 

  • Housing Element

    • The Housing Element contains comprehensive and practical housing policies and programs that address the above-referenced General Plan goals. The Housing Element is updated every 8 years, and is currently being updated. See the Housing Element Update homepage for more information.
  • Housing on City-owned land adjacent to 1 Hamilton Drive

  •     In 2021, City staff has worked with the Housing Advisory Committee to explore and evaluate adding new  homes on city-owned property. Currently, the City is working with a non-profit organization to build affordable homes on the property adjacnet to the Public Safety Building at 1 Hamilton Drive. For more information, visit the Hamilton Drive project webiste (LINK).
  • House Mill Valley - Home Match Program

    • Be a part of helping Mill Valley house its local community members and workforce! Do you own a home with extra room? Or, do you know of a local community member making less than $100k looking for housing?  Visit the City's Home Match page(LINK) for more information. 
  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

  • Housing Resources 

    • Visit the City's Housing Resources informational page for tips on home improvements/permitting; financing and loan opportunities; first time homeowner ownership programs; short term rental registration requirements;  homeless assistance; and more.
    • Housing Resources Page (Link)
  • Housing Equity

    • The City is working to address Housing Equity through a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) lens and the implementation of Housing Programs contained in the City's Housing Element (see below).
  • Housing Advisory Committee

    • The Housing Advisory Committee  was established to assist staff and advise City Council on matters related to the Housing Element and the Affordable Housing Ordinance.
    • Housing Advisory Committee Page (Link) 
  • Short Term Rentals

Additional Information: