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Development standards for the improvement of land, buildings and use of property is contained in the City's Municipal Code and General Plan. The handouts below are developed based on these two key documents.

Frequently Asked Questions 


  • Zoning Map; The Zoning Map (PDF) specifies the types of land use that are allowed and prohibited for each zone. Once you have determined the zoning for a property, see Title 20 of the Municipal Code online for development standards, uses, and other regulations for each zoning district. You can also use the zoning search tool online by address.
  • Land Use Map; The General Plan's Land Use Map illustrates allowable density ranges. 
  • Online Mapping; Go to the MarinMap website to search for a parcel. Zoning, Land Use, and Floodplain Information. 

Do You Live in City Limits? 

Some Mill Valley addresses (such as those in Strawberry, Tam Valley, Homestead, Almonte, and Alto) are actually in unincorporated portions of Marin County - out of our jurisdiction. Please check the City of Mill Valley  Map and List of Streets .

Property Information

Our online database provides access to planning and building records and general property information, such as zoning and general plan land use designations, assessor data (such as lot size), and floodplain designation.

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