Setup a Registration Account

Creating a Registration Account with Mill Valley Recreation is a simple process. We have created some video and graphic/text tutorials to help you along the way. As always, if you have any questions about your account, how to set it up, or anything else, please call us at (415) 383-1370.

Instructional Videos

Additional Information

Once your account is created, please remember to check your email for a confirmation email containing your temporary password and login information.

For ease of use, create your new user account using a laptop or desktop computer if possible

PerfectMind Account Creation - Written Instructions

For those of you who prefer to read instructions on how to create your new user account in PerfectMind, we have detailed the step-by-step instructions below with reference images.

  1. STEP 1
  2. STEP 2
  3. STEP 3
  4. STEP 4
  5. STEP 5
  6. STEP 6
  7. STEP 7
  8. STEP 8
  9. STEP 9
  10. STEP 10
  11. STEP 11

How to create an account graphic step 1

Click on the "Create My Account" button above to begin the new account creation process. This link will bring you the landing page for our new registration system.  To create a new account, start by clicking the "Create an Account" link at the bottom as shown in the image above.

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