1 Hamilton Drive

Project Description: 1 Hamilton Drive Approximate area of Interest

The City of Mill Valley is partnering with EAH Housing to build affordable homes on the northern portion of the city-owned parcel, known as 1 Hamilton Drive.  The City invites you to attend meetings and provide input on this important city-sponsored project. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Building Affordable Homes on the Northern Portion of 1 Hamilton Drive

Is there an exact location of the new housing units?   

The exact location and siting of the new housing and existing facilities is not known. The City is interested in and has established the northern portion of 1 Hamilton Drive as surplus exempt land for the purposes of building affordable homes for its community, as depicted in the image to the right.  

Has the 1 Hamilton Site been Designed?  

No.  The City, in partnership with EAH Housing (“the Housing Team”) will kick off the site planning and preliminary design this Spring. Site planning and design will consider location and configuration of building(s) and parking, driveways, landscaping, grading, etc.  Design concepts will be developed with input from the community through various workshops and discussions. 

When will traffic, safety or environmental concerns be addressed?      
 As the City works to kick off the site planning and preliminary design work this spring, it will also begin work on various technical studies that will support the environmental review process. 

Preliminary site and design concepts are needed to determine the number of units, placement and design of building(s), ingress, egress, parking layout, landscaping, grading, utilities, etc. Once these preliminary site and design drawings are developed, the Housing Team will be able to establish a project description, which will be reviewed and analyzed in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Where will the public parking, charging station and restrooms be located?

The Housing Team will consider the whole site, along with the city owned Public Services Building (PSB) site in terms of parking design and street frontage to cooperatively accomplish the City’s goals of a well-designed housing community that incorporates tenant parking on site and 50 spaces for the public within the immediate area (but not any playing field space). 

Why is the City focusing on a City-owned Site?

The City is interested in facilitating new affordable housing opportunities, and has several housing programs aimed at this goal, including the Home Match program, Accessory Dwelling Unit incentives, inclusion of new affordable units in new market-rate multi-family developments, and the identification of a City-Owned site.  All of these housing programs are based on policy guidance contained in the City's Housing Element.  In order to initiate a project, the City must own a piece of property or have enough funds to leverage an affordable housing project.  Through the work conducted through the Housing Advisory Committee, it has been determined that new affordable homes are best feasible to build and finance at the 1 Hamilton site.   

Can the City target the local workforce as part of accommodating housing?  

The City is interested in working with the affordable housing team to structure a program that can offer affordable housing to its local workforce.  As part of evaluating qualified affordable housing teams, the City is interested in exploring options for programming that offers preferential treatment to potential tenants who work in the City and immediately surrounding area (thus reducing commutes), or otherwise have connections to the area, consistent with state and federal laws regarding fair housing. There are a fair number of examples in the surrounding area, including Menlo Park, Livermore, American Canyon and San Mateo where this goal was achieved in compliance with all federal and state laws. 

Upcoming Meetings:

Please check back for upcoming community meetings in March and April 2022.  

Supporting Documents:

    City Council Meeting (Sept. 1, 2021).  Council Approval of a resolution declaring that the northern portion of 1 Hamilton Drive as surplus exempt land and a resolution authorizing the City Manager to draft the terms of an Exclusive Negotiation Agreement between the City and EAH Housing. See the following links for the City Council agenda and supporting materials

    City Council Meeting (June 21, 2021). Council Approval to authorized staff to release a Request for Qualifications (RFQ). See the following links for the City Council agenda and supporting materials